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30 Jul 2015

OnePlus 2 announced with monster specs.

OnePlus just recently released the successor to the wildly popular OnePlus One. The new OnePlus 2 has a screen of 5.5 inches with a full HD resolution, ie 1920 x 1080 pixels. In practice the phone’s display will look like one of the iPhone 6S, but somewhat less sharp than,

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22 Jul 2015

Beme is a crazy idea, but it may just work.

Beme is a new social media that we recently wrote about, since then we’ve actually gotten access to the early beta app and have gotten a feel for the app. It’s crucial to mention that the app is currently in a beta build, the full app will launch next week

20 Jul 2015

Why Cardboard is more important to VR than Oculus.

Last year at Google I/O, the company unveiled something pretty much no one had seen coming. It was a piece of cardboard with two lenses attached that according to Google would act as a VR headset, the concept worked incredibly well and the demand for the product kept growing. Now

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18 Jul 2015

Beme is a breath of refreshing new air.

Beme me. It sounds good right? Well – you may need to get used to saying it more. Beme is a new social media app by Casey Neistat and his team. The whole idea behind Beme, is to try and show are more authentic and real version of yourself instead of

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16 Jul 2015

Apple unexpectedly announce new iPod.

Apple has just released a new iPod touch under the radar, all of a sudden the iPod just popped up on Apple’s site. The new iPod marks the re-birth of a product that many people had called dead. Apple, of course, calls their new iPod Touch for “the best iPod

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14 Jul 2015

Apple attacking Android in new ad.

Apple’s iPhone is the best selling smartphone of all time, all despite the fact that the average price of an iPhone is three times higher than the average price for an Android phone. There are of course several reasons why the iPhone has been so successful, and one of them,