30 Jul 2015

OnePlus 2 announced with monster specs.

OnePlus just recently released the successor to the wildly popular OnePlus One. The new OnePlus 2 has a screen of 5.5 inches with a full HD resolution, ie 1920 x 1080 pixels. In practice the phone’s display will look like one of the iPhone 6S, but somewhat less sharp than,

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18 Jul 2015

Beme is a breath of refreshing new air.

Beme me. It sounds good right? Well – you may need to get used to saying it more. Beme is a new social media app by Casey Neistat and his team. The whole idea behind Beme, is to try and show are more authentic and real version of yourself instead of

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16 Jul 2015

Apple unexpectedly announce new iPod.

Apple has just released a new iPod touch under the radar, all of a sudden the iPod just popped up on Apple’s site. The new iPod marks the re-birth of a product that many people had called dead. Apple, of course, calls their new iPod Touch for “the best iPod

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14 Jul 2015

Apple attacking Android in new ad.

Apple’s iPhone is the best selling smartphone of all time, all despite the fact that the average price of an iPhone is three times higher than the average price for an Android phone. There are of course several reasons why the iPhone has been so successful, and one of them,

11 Jul 2015

iPhone 6S to be thicker than iPhone 6.

Engadget Japan has gotten their hands on sketches of what allegedly is the iPhone 6S and if the sketches are to be real, the iPhone 6S will be thicker than its predecessor. The iPhone 6S appears to be 7.1 millimeters thick compared to 6.9 millimeters on the iPhone 6. It

04 Jul 2015

Bubble wrap being discontinued.

Maybe you’re the type of person who enjoys to pop one bubble at a time. Maybe you prefer to crush the plastic together between your fingers so more bubbles pop. Or maybe you’re just the simple type who just want it over with and twists the bubble wrap so they



02 Jul 2015

Inventor of SMS dies at age 63.

The Finnish engineer Matti Makkonen, who originally invented the SMS, has died, 63 years old. Reports the BBC. Matti Makkonen has in his long career worked at Nokia, Telecom Finland and Finnet Oy. He first told people about his idea regarding sending messages via the mobile network in 1984 while

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28 Jun 2015

Samsung puts see-through truck on the road.

Samsung has for long been known for all kinds of devices – Smartphones, tablets, computers, TV’s, etc. – what some people don’t realise is that Samsung also makes displays for various devices. Samsung have now used that tech on a new kind of device, a truck. Samsung has just recently

27 Jun 2015

Selfie-sticks banned by Disney.

It was only a matter of time before this would happen – Selfie sticks ban. Disney has officially banned selfie sticks at all their theme parks and locations all around the world. The ban comes as a result of safety concerns regarding visitors carrying around selfie sticks. Exactly how selfie