25 Nov 2015

Android Wear watches to support Marshmallow.

Google has just announced that Android 6.0 Marshmallow will not within long come to Android Wear watches. The LG Watch urbane is already running the version of Android, but in the next few months, the other existing devices will be able to run the same system. The update should lead

19 Nov 2015

Huawei shows new, rather amazing, quick charge technology.

When the battery technology development is going at a snail’s speed compared to the innovations in some of the other areas of our smartphone, it’s really exciting when it looks like a break through may have happened. The latest breakthrough may have come from Huawei and promises really quick battery

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15 Nov 2015

Apple TV 4 review.

The Apple TV 4 is trying to do a lot of things. And it does a lot of things right. The new Apple TV from Apple is the first real change in the Apple TV ecosystem for some years, it’s the first Apple TV to really be more than just

12 Nov 2015

Google Maps ready with offline navigation.

Google Maps is one of the most popular apps of all time, but it’s lacking many important and sought after features, namely offline navigation with step-by-step and voice guidance. Now, Google has announced that it is finally going to happen. Previously, you could download maps of areas to the phone

04 Nov 2015

Activision buys Candy Crush developer.

Activision Blizzard has bought King with an exchange of shares with a value of over 5,9 billion, making it one of the largest Swedish acquisitions ever. It is beaten only by Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, which went for between 42 and 58 billion dollars, depending on whether you adjust the

29 Oct 2015

The dilemma all car manufactured are faced with: who to kill?

Imagine that we live in the future, where you are transported around in a driverless car. Now imagine that a series of unfortunate circumstances that your driverless car suddenly is about to run directly into a group of ten people who are starting to cross the road. The car can not



26 Oct 2015

Windows Phone in sharp decline.

Microsoft only sold 5.8 million Windows phones in the third quarter of 2015. Things are going really well for Microsoft, except for in the mobile area. In the company’s quarterly report for the third quarter, most figures have uncreased and things are looking pretty good. The exception is the sales

22 Oct 2015

YouTube RED is an ad-free youtube, for 9.99$.

It’s probably no secret that most people hate Youtube ads, they’re annoying, too long and usually you’ve already watched it a million times.. We’re looking at you abs-guy and 5-hour energy dude. Now YouTube has the answer for all of your prayers for these damn ads to stop, a new

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21 Oct 2015

HTC launches iPhone running android.

HTC yesterday unveiled their latest phone, the HTC One A9, which may remind you slightly of another very popular phone on the market. The HTC One A9 comes with Android 6.0 as the interface seasoned with HTC Sense, which is HTC’s own additions to Android experience. Design wise the phone follow