On Thursday 4 April, Facebook has sent out invites for an Android event and today these images of a developer Facebook version of Facebook Android emerged.

BY: SIMON BRUUS, 2/4/13.

The rumors and talk about an actual Facebook Mobile will definitely not die, and most recently Facebook itself inflated to talk after they have invited the press to an Android event on Thursday 4 April.

Although they have just invited the press to see their “new home” as a specific mobile phone is not yet sure, but today there emerged some new information up to suggest such a launch.

There should be a collaboration with HTC, as they have done before with mobile ChaCha. This time is called mobile HTC Myst, which will be a mid-Mobile – not in the high-end class, which includes HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 under.


Here are pictures of the new home screen, which we do not yet know much about.

Similarly to the phone running Android but with a Facebook-optimized home screen, which we do not yet know what exactly will mean for the phone. Something could also indicate that they will launch a new Android app that simply allows you to change the home screens of several Android devices to Facebook’s own.

However, it will initially be on the new HTC Myst, which will be their pilot mobile. (It should have a screen of 4.6-inch HD resolution (720p) and have a camera of 5 megapixels.)

We don’t know much more about the phone and the plans, but we will get smartter after the event on Thursday 4. April.

Source: The Verge and Android Police