iPad 5


Since the iPad mini came out everyone in the tech community around apple has been speculating in the iPad 5, would it have the same thick bezel or would it come with a new and thinner one? Recently foto leaked of what looks like the screen of an new and thinner iPad 5.  If the picture is real is unknown.

 Motorola X phone

Where’s your flagship at, Motorola? The HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 have long passed simply being announced, and will soon be showing up in the hands of Android fans everywhere. Motorola, though, is taking its sweet time in releasing anything capable of competing with these heavyweights. We’ve been talking a lot about this rumored “X” phone that would be the manufacturer’s next great effort, but just when will the model actually hit carriers? While recent rumors have talked about June availability, the latest update suggests we’ll have an even longer wait.

Facebook Home


Facebook Home has been launched and is now available in the Google Play store, the forst reviews suggests that… Yeah.. Try it yourself.

Twitter Music 



As we have told you before Twitter is rumored to be launching their new #music service, when it is launching is still unknown.

BY: SIMON BRUUS, 13/4/13.