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Hello everyone, the sites views have exploded lately and as a thanks we’re gonna give you something back. We have teamed up with! If  you win you can get anything, ANYTHING for under 250 DKK you want from, you can get covers, headphones etc. It doesn’t mater where you live, we’ll get your price shipped to you.

Where can you buy the covers if you don’t win?

You can visit too see their huge selection of case, but if you don’t live in Denmark you can visit and get the covers shipped to you.

What do you have to do to win?

You have to scroll down in this article and stop when you see the spot where you can leave a reply/comment.

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  • Then you have to choose your way of leaving some informations so we can contact you if you win, you can either leave an Email address or log in using either Twitter or Facebook. If you wan’t to use Facebook or Twitter then just press the icon

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  • Now you have to put in you comment, this can say anything you wan’t it to say, it could be anything.
  • We find our winner using
  • We’ll contact you using twitter, facebook or your mail. You’re of course welcome to share this giveaway for an extra chance of winning.

When do we find our winner?

We find our winner the 22. October 2013, we’ll contact the winner using E-mail, and announce the winner on both Facebook and Twitter.